Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Mood Pump&dump at the start of the week: Mercury Retrograde in Aries from Monday 1/4 creates heavy FUD and FOMO in your mental metaverse regarding your ambitions to the point that you see difficulty in achieving anything. Take a deep breath, relax and also think more rationally instead of sentimentally. You are in your phase where you are considering how to improve your life status by making a concrete, serious and responsible commitment. Bullish mood in the middle part: there is a desire to change a situation that does not resonate with your vibes. Bull run in mood also in the final part, although the new Venus in Aries on Friday 5/4 asks you to focus on practical people, who do not waste your time, getting from them what you are looking for in a concrete way. Sunday with volatile mood: the work question goes into hype!