Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Mood Pump&dump at the beginning of the week: some idea, attitude or action of your partner doesn’t really go down well with you and you could put on a “sulky face” or shut yourself up in a “tell-it-all silence”, as only you know how to do! Keep calm… it all goes away! Bull run mood in the middle part: the new Venus in Leo from Thursday 11/8, brings “concreteness” to your relationships and now you want to get capital gains! In a couple you want to feel deep love, and, if you are experiencing a relationship that is still a bit ambiguous, you may be tempted to let it go. Not only that, with the Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday 12/8 in lightning goes the urge for “renewal”, here’s the pump you need to pull out the courage to transform your personal roadmap too! Bullish weekend of movement, travel and exploration, perhaps on vacation or some intriguing metaverse!