Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Monday with a bullish mood: urge to chat, share, perform healthy trading of ideas. Mood volatile in the middle part: home&family issues get the better of what you had planned, and there’s prioritizing to do. Mars, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn still exalt a certain “split” (or hard-fork) of yours on projects, your thoughts and now relationships… where you continue to think relentlessly about how best to position yourself. Actually, you are already in the phase of your “transformation” roadmap, and so you are just pondering what to let go of, to bring out who you are. The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Friday 2/2 gives you a lesson: “There is place for everyone in this world, so bring out who you are.” Weekend mood in bull run: a nice mind-blowing walk or a trip to the spa, might help you enjoy relaxation.