Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Mood pump early in the week: Valentine’s Day with Mercury in Aquarius on Monday 14/2 puts your thoughts in love about your long set and capital gains you aim to achieve! Not only that, the Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday 16/2 lights up your entire path from the beginning of the month to making your dreams come true, with the pump on your courage to make certain choices. You are the star in the area of love and personal projects and, with clear ideas and desires, everything flows according to your dream roadmap! The entrance of the new Sun in Pisces on Friday 18/2 inaugurates your month dedicated to ‘communication’ and from now on, if there’s something in the pot to share with the nodes of your network, it’s time to do it! You may be looking for your own “authentic message” between the transactions of ideas with others. Weekend more volatile in mood: a few loose ends to tie up are not letting you relax as much as you would like!