Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


The week gets off to a bullish start in mood even though Jupiter returns to Aries from Tuesday 20/12 and puts your B-side (lucky side) under scrutiny, probably due to home&family issues hindering your personal growth and expansion. The Sun shifts into Capricorn from Wednesday 21/12 ushers in your “personal affirmation” month. The lightning torch arrives and you are absolutely the Bitcoin of the moment: you want to evolve in your personal projects, with a more revolutionary mindset of yours, the kind that creates a new system. With relationships, then, you blossom with love for yourself but also for those who inspire you and enrich your ambitions with concrete and real ideas. To-the-moon in mood, with the New Moon in Capricorn on Friday 23/12 you’re ready to put down on paper, in a Whitepaper 3.0, the highlights you want to evolve. Christmas Sunday in HODL in market observation: stay in your own world even as you celebrate!