Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Bullish mMood: the new Sun in Aries from Monday 20/3, accompanied by the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday 21/3 ushers in your “home&family” month, and now who knows there is some moving to do or some new role in the family. Volatility comes to your mood: you’re struggling with issues related to your “nest,” or it could be a time when you deeply evaluate such things as wanting to move house or looking for a child. In a more bullish mood in the final part: in relationships you are the core-business of everything, and that is, you bring out what you want to experience, perhaps passion or feelings or pure fun. Weekend sees a pump in mood: Mars enters Cancer from Saturday 25/3 and you may have a block made up of second thoughts about your personal ventures, or future ones, that you want to accomplish .