Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


The week starts in a bullish mood: you are happy about your new visions for your personal projects. The Sun in Sagittarius from Tuesday 22/11 and the New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday 23/11 along with Mercury and Venus form the Stellium in Sagittarius, exceptionally illuminating what for you is the theme of “preparation”. And on both the physical and virtual planes, both in relationships and in your personal project roadmap, you feel like watching the market as if you want to pick and choose which assets you’re going to keep betting on and which ones are going short because they’ve only made you lose. It’s kind of like you’re preparing your baggage for the closing/opening of a new cycle. Weekend the mood is to-the-moon: maybe already some good news is pumping your self-confidence into new areas where you want to make major longs.