Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Monday with a pump on organization: you are awake, alert and precise with your chores of the day, who knows getting unexpected solutions. We are in the stage of your roadmap where there is “set capital gain,” and that is where there is to seed your projects by virtue of the value you then expect to get. Mood of pump&dump in the middle part even as Venus enters Capricorn from Tuesday, 23/1, and you become a protagonist in love: you feel like blossoming, attracting like bees with honey new opportunities to meet interesting people. Bull run mood with the Full Moon in Leo on Thursday 25/1 that puts in lightning an “inner transformation” of yours, just now that you are cultivating the fruits of your future. Weekend with the mood in pump of enthusiasm: you finally feel that there is nothing keeping you tied to the past anymore; in fact, there is a real urge to move and expand.