Weekly horoscope about Gemini


In a determination pump at the start of the week: more of a challenge mood than anything else. The Sun enters Pisces from Monday 19/2 and inaugurates the stage of your roadmap dedicated to ‘realising your ambitions’. So, while in the field of relationships and personal initiatives you are exploring new directions to live with your partner or your projects, or on your own, what you need to do now is to see if you can improve your ‘life status’. More in bull run mood in the central part: Mercury also enters Pisces on Friday 23/2 and the first FUD and FOMO could arrive in your mental metaverse, which could stress or confuse you. Weekend the mood is volatile: with the Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday 24/2 a feeling of belonging that you don’t want to give up goes into lightning, just now that you are getting new career prospects.