Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Pump&dump in mood early in the week, even as Mercury enters Aquarius from Monday 5/2 and puts your thoughts back in motion. In the mental metaverse, you may finally get back to creating more adventurous dimensions where you want to discover, grow, push your limits. In bullish mood in the middle part: in relationships and personal projects you are still in the process of transformation, who knows maybe making some transgressions that allow you to leave who you were to be who you have become now. Just try not to hurt those who love you. Mood in bull run also with the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday 9/2: Inwardly that feeling of exploration returns, which aligns perfectly with the stage in your roadmap of finding “possible new directions.” Sunday with a volatile mood: issues at work, make you a bit arrogant…relax and try not to ruin the day for you and others!