Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Early week mood volatility: maybe some bickering with some family members is making you a little nervous. Keep calm and breathe, already in the following days you are more bullish and you return to perform your much loved “trading of ideas” with the nodes around you, recovering fun and serenity! More in pump of “self-love” in the central part, and better so since with Mercury in Virgo from Thursday 4/8 your mental sphere goes a bit in “verify-modw” on issues related to “home & family”, which will have priority over everything. Luckily with the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Friday 5/8 there is more attention to details that will prevent you from FUD and FOMO, but on the contrary will allow you to reorganize these somewhat volatile thoughts. Weekend with Sunday in a pump&dump: likely your partner notices these changes of yours and wants to “discuss” them.