Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Mood bull run early in the week: Mars enters Virgo from Monday 10/7 and puts your personal endeavors in check. The invitation is to consider home&family matters just as you’re trying to set your roadmap. Luckily Mercury goes into Leo from Tuesday 11/7 and you return more “Gemini” than ever, with that open-mindedness that sets you apart, able to see different ways of thinking. HODLing and observing the market in the middle part: luck is waiting for you this year, better to use the time to prepare as best you can. To-the-moon mood in the final part: in the relationships you are experiencing you can assert yourself as you are, without making too much of a fuss. Weekend in a pump of realism: you continually assess the feasibility of things in your head, but not everything might always turn out the way you think.