Weekly horoscope about Gemini


Bullish at the start of the week: a mid-August holiday of freedom that allows you to breathe! Likely you are in a new place, or surrounded by new people, but surely what you are doing is sharing all your zero-fee thoughts, looking for inspiration for your future! More in HODL-mode and observing the market in the middle part: maybe you want to metabolize all the things said and heard and give them “logic”, though that would turn off your more creative side… try not to go FUD or FOMO! You live relationships now with a thirst for curiosity! Weekend with a to-the-moon mood: new Mars in Gemini from Saturday 20/8 speaks of “personal affirmation” in your project roadmap and maybe some brilliant ideas come along to personalize your big endeavors, putting more of “originality” into what you do.