Weekly horoscope about Gemini


The holiday season continues with a bullish mood. Already in the middle part, however, you go into “check” for work-related issues that don’t allow you to think as you would like about your 2023 resolutions that are just around the corner! In general, you are in a phase of “personal transformation” overcoming all the old situations that did not make you live serenely and creating new ones. Even in relationships, you see old friends again but you are also in the mood for transgression! In the final part you return to bullish: Mercury in Capricorn goes retrograde from Thursday 29/12 and forces you to stop all your ideas of renewal, take the opportunity to put things in order and give yourself priorities. New Year’s weekend in HODL-mode observing the market: you look around, but also inside, and make a nice summary of what from last year you want to bring in the new year!