Weekly horoscope about Gemini


To-the-moon mood at the start of the week: with the New Moon in Gemini on Monday 30/5 you meditate on your new personal affirmation and start drafting your Whitepaper 2.0. You are the Bitcoin of the moment, star of the market, but also in the midst of revolution and evolution… It’s time to express your new desires. In pumps of concreteness in the middle, when you look for the right markets to focus on to make your new resolutions blossom. Affective relationships are in a state of HODL, and you prefer to observe rather than act. Weekend sees bullish energy: you feel like transacting your ideas with your trusted nodes, while Saturn Retrograde from Saturday 4/6 forces you to slow down your expansion rush and reflect on all the goals you have experienced so far, how they have really changed your life status.