Weekly horoscope about Leo


Early week concreteness pump: you’re motivated to tackle the day’s challenges! More in a bullish mood in the following days: you’re the Bitcoin of the moment, star of the market, with all the courage and talent to raise the Fear & Greed Index! With relationships still on stand-by to think about your personal affirmation, Mercury in Virgo arrives to help you from Thursday 4/8 which puts your mental sphere in a “capital gain” perspective and so you evaluate your decisions in a more rational and practical way! More volatile in mood on the side: the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Friday 5/8 creates some nostalgia for past situations that you are trying to revolutionize. Of course your roadmap needs a quantum leap! Weekend with Sunday in a bull run of enthusiasm: some expected positive response puts your self-esteem in ATH – all-time high!