Weekly horoscope about Leo


The week gets off to a bullish start in mood, although Mercury Retrograde in Aries from Monday 1/4 creates in your mental metaverse slowdowns in the discoveries you are having, perhaps it’s time to delve into them but without too much racking your brains. Perhaps the invitation is to meditate on a new direction to take. We are in a phase of yours where you are exploring new realities, or considering expanding into different areas of life. More mood pump&dump in the middle part: arguments with partners or work colleagues might make you a little nervous. Then in the final part, the mood bull run returns: the new Venus in Aries on Friday 5/4 asks you to meet new people or move together with people you already know to explore new dimensions together. On Sunday, the mood is in an enthusiasm pump, ideal for taking a trip out and giving space for new things to come in!