Weekly horoscope about Leo


Bullish mood early in the week: you sense “transformation”’ in the air. And in fact, the new Sun in Cancer on Tuesday 21/6 inaugurates your period dedicated to “baggage” to be filled or not with the assets you want to take with you for your next departure! In a bull run of courage, you begin to organize yourself, “making room” and finally shorting what hasn’t given you the attention you deserve for some time! More volatile in the final part of the week: perhaps some second thoughts, nostalgia or melancholy assails you… you try to remain projected towards your future! Venus in Gemini from Thursday 23/6 puts “progress” in your emotional and work relationships… and perhaps you rebel against those who make you live in a past that no longer exists! Sunday more in balance: look at your personal energy balance and meditate on how to make it flow!