Weekly horoscope about Leo


The week is off to a bullish start in mood: Venus Retrograde in Leo begins and makes you be more reflective with your relationship with yourself, who knows with your EGO, and maybe it’s a time of gathering to be able to overcome certain contrasts. You are in the stage where you are writing your Whitepaper 3.0, that of your personal evolution, and it is time to focus on key points. More volatile in mood in the middle part: home&family issues make you a bit stressed…but it’s all passing! In the final part then you’re back on a bull run in mood: Mercury in Virgo from Friday 28/7 makes you more concrete, determined, and makes you “hatch ideas” more realistic and feasible, who knows maybe related to your personal projects. Over the weekend you continue the mood pump: you’re more logical, detail-oriented, and eager to get organized so you can enjoy your free time to the fullest.