Weekly horoscope about Leo


New Year 2024 in practicality bullish: great mood to start the year…especially now that you’re in the phase dedicated to your personal well-being and time reorganization. Who knows, Mercury returning direct from Tuesday 2/1 will set your thoughts in motion again, creating a metaverse where you are the star avatar, ready to show off your talents in return for deserved applause. Mood in bull run midweek: in relationships you are increasingly ready to surround yourself with those who can appreciate you for who you are, and what you express. Then again, you know that people are our mirrors! Not only that, Mars enters Capricorn on Thursday 4/1 and pumps up your resourcefulness, and if you’ve been meditating on starting some sports or relaxing trips, now is the time to do it. Volatile mood weekend: home&family issues could ruin your well-deserved rest!