Weekly horoscope about Libra


Mood volatility at the start of the week: something at work makes you a little nervous. More in bull run mood in the middle part: the new Sun in Aries from Wednesday 20/3 puts your roadmap into hard-fork, and it’s time to reflect on the upgrades you need to make to your person. Who knows, in your mental metaverse, your FUD and FOMO have already coloured the scenery, but without doing too much damage in reality. It has been 6 months since the launch of Whitepaper 3.0, ponder on how your roadmap is progressing so far. Not only that, the new Mars in Pisces from Friday 22/3 pumps you to take care of yourself and your personal projects, with logic and care. Even in relationships, you feel like experiencing self-love and personal well-being. HODLer mood during the weekend: perhaps you need to take some time to understand how these astral changes affect you.