Weekly horoscope about Libra


To-the-moon mood at the start of the week: you finally feel established in your new routine. More in the practicality pump in the middle part: the Full Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday 23/4 puts the “tangible value” in the lightning on an inner level, just now that you are in focus on your personal transformation. Who knows, the advice is to change something on a concrete level as well and not just in an abstract way. Not only that, Mercury in Aries returns with direct motion from Thursday 25/4 and in the mental metaverse, the FUD and FOMO about your connections dissolve with a desire to act where possible to raise the balance. In bullish mood in the final part: there is a desire to share and execute beautiful trading of ideas. In relationships, experience the last week of reflection. Weekend with volatile mood on Sunday: feelings make you oscillate.