Weekly horoscope about Libra


Mood pump&dump at the beginning of the week: The New Moon in Solar Eclipse in Aries on Monday 8/4 asks you to open a new chapter, in which you will radically decide what kind of people and projects you live in harmony with or whether you want to let yourself be overwhelmed. In bull run of mood in the middle part: who knows, your decision to cause an inner change, a sense of renewal. In pump of enthusiasm in the final part: there is a desire to discover, to explore, to immerse yourself in new experiences. In relationships, you are a bit in reflection mode which feeds your vulnerability, your FUD and FOMO, the only way out is to work on yourself. Weekend with volatile mood: who knows, your personal wellbeing, on which you have long based your activities, is now experiencing a seesaw with stress due to commitments and ambitions.