Weekly horoscope about Libra


HODLing and observing the market early in the week: you’ve gathered the info you needed to make your evaluations. And in fact, the mood rises to-the-moon in the following days: maybe some friendly nodes make you rediscover the desire to have fun and enjoy yourself… just now that with relationships you are in your “verify” period due to the structure that these relationships have, both love and work! More in pump of concreteness in the central part: Mercury in Virgo from Thursday 4/8 puts your mental sphere in passive mode and so now you are more analytical, observant of what happens to you, rather than saying at all costs what you think. The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Friday 5/8 inspires you to find practicality and “capital gains” in these same situations! Weekend with Sunday in pump right on communication and exchange of ideas!