Weekly horoscope about Libra


Start of the week in a bullish mood: you are charismatic and full of self-esteem, despite the divided period. Mercury in Taurus from Monday 11/4 puts your thoughts into “transformation”. Maybe now everything that doesn’t convince you, you let die to give energy to thoughts that bring you to your true dimension. HODLing and observing the market in the central part: in emotional relationships you want to experience well-being and health, in short toxic relationships. Weekend with a to-the.moon mood: Mars in Pisces from Friday 15/4 also puts your roadmap of personal projects in the feel-good mood, organizing your work and free time in the best possible way. While, with the Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 16/4 leads to the hard-fork that gives birth to your new “blockchain”. Easter with a spirit of concreteness: if the family is your favourite health market then start feeling good now!