Weekly horoscope about Libra


Pump&dump in mood at the beginning of the week: who knows that some argument with partners or business associates, destabilizes you a bit… actually it’s a totally passing thing, so no paranoia! More in mood bullishness in the middle part: luck supports you if you decide to change your situation, starting from you, from your usual way of dealing with life, so that you open yourself to new approaches. In relationships, you have quite a few months with Venus in your favor, prompting you to find harmonies first and foremost with friends, and who knows that a new romance may later arise between them. Weekend in a bullish mood: the New Moon in Gemini on Sunday, 18/6, speaks of inwardness, inviting you to feel deeply all the discoveries you have made and will want to make, exploring new dimensions and metaverses, perhaps blockchain-based, so as to live in total transparency.