Weekly horoscope about Libra


Start the week in a bullish mood: there’s inspiration in the air, with new visions that make you look at your future with more confidence. Not only that, Venus in Sagittarius from Wednesday 16/11 puts “communication” into relationships and it’s time to share what you have inside, what you feel, what intrigues and confuses you, but also what you’d like to do as a couple project with your partner. HODLer in market observation in the central part: you isolate yourself to analyze what’s going on around you. Mercury in Sagittarius from Thursday 17/11 puts your ideas in a creativity pump, getting brighter than usual and who knows some new NFT Art will be in the works soon. Weekend in a to-the-moon mood: whatever you’re going through, your self-esteem will soar, successfully asserting everything you want!