Weekly horoscope about Libra


The week starts off in a volatile mood: some pump&dump that comes from your own insecurity on a subject that has been nagging at you lately. And in fact, the new Sun in Capricorn from Tuesday 21/12, ushers in your month dedicated to “home and family” issues and begins the ultimate “verification“. It’s time to make that list of pros and cons of everything that may concern a house move, a new role in the family or with your relationship with your partner. Bullish mood in the central part: you have a sky divided in half, with “comparisons” on the one hand – full of FUD and FOMO, and on the other with “luck and talent” that with commitment and a strong sense of responsibility you are bringing out, especially at work. During the Christmas Weekend you feel a bit as a HODLer and observe the family market, sharing toast and dinner, you are heartened by the love that surrounds you. Merry Christmas!