Weekly horoscope about Libra


The holiday season continues in a bullish mood! In the middle part then what you want to think about is your personal wellbeing and how to keep it in hype even during 2023 which is just around the corner! In general, this is a period of ‘verify’ as the priority is your family or home, your nest and roots for that matter, which is changing somehow. Also in relationships, you evaluate thoroughly whether the people you are seeing are in line with your most rooted values. In the final part the mood is in pump&dump: Mercury in Capricorn goes retrograde from Thursday 29/12 and puts some absurd FUD and FOMO on the situations you’re experiencing, even in your heart, but you breathe deeply and try not to think too much… you can’t solve everything with your head. New Year’s weekend the mood returns to bullish: your toast wants a new year full of new things!