Weekly horoscope about Libra


To-the-moon mood at the start of the week: you’re the Bitcoin of the moment for all intents and purposes, queen of the crypto-market… that asset capable of dragging the rest down based on what happens to it. In a pump of concreteness in the middle part: you are inspired to write black on white this Whitepaper of new opportunities you need to give yourself, now more than ever! You’re at a moment in your roadmap of restart, rebirth and revolution, and you want to evolve into your version 3.0 to get off to a great start. The final part is in a bullish mood: the new Venus in Libra from Saturday 29/9 opens a new season of the heart and it’s time to blossom with beauty and harmony, with new vibes of love, whether you’re single or already in a couple. Sunday is a bit volatile: maybe some crush doesn’t share this new rebirth of yours!