Weekly horoscope about Libra


New Year 2024 with HODLer mood in market observation: great mood to start the year…especially now that you’re dealing with home&family issues. Who knows, Mercury returning direct from Tuesday 2/1 will put your thoughts back into motion, creating a metaverse where you have a chance to scream at the top of your lungs everything you feel. To-the-moon mood in the midweek: in relationships, there’s a desire to execute trading interesting, intelligent, creative ideas. Not only that, Mars enters Capricorn Thursday 4/1 and puts your resourcefulness in check: there’s a need to reflect on the sense of ownership of what you want to start, such as a new venture. Weekend with the mood in the pump of practicality and realism: want to enjoy a good lunch, or a shopping spree, as long as a sense of beauty and luxury is in your hands.