Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Bullish mood at the beginning of the week: you are satisfied and appreciated by your target audience. Bullish mood also in the middle part: the new Sun in Aries from Wednesday 20/3 inaugurates the stage of your roadmap dedicated to “capital gain” and it’s time to turn your dreams into achievable goals. Who knows, in your mental metaverse, you have already made a concrete assessment of where to find fertile ground to realise your desires. Not only that, the new Mars in Pisces from Friday 22/3 pumps up your personal initiative to act in the real world, and thus start new personal projects. Even in relationships you are a bit of a star, attracting the people who are most in tune with you! Weekend with the mood in pump&dump: you are happy with the present but also a little melancholic about those who are not now close to you.