Weekly horoscope about Pisces


The week starts in a bull run mood: you feel inspired to look ahead, to your future! Until May, with Jupiter in Taurus, there is also the support of luck on everything related to the topic of communication… take advantage of it! In HODL in observation of the market in the central part: you are closing and opening a new cycle, to the point that you currently favour people and projects that resist this transaction of yours. In relationships, you seem to be focusing more on yourself to make room for your own rebirth, which you are already experiencing on a personal level. Weekend in a to-the-moon mood for news. Sunday 10/3 there will be the New Moon in Pisces and Mercury in Aries: on the one hand, you are reborn on an inner level, affirming your 3.0 version and on the other, your thoughts are more concrete, aimed at assessing where you can get the capital gain you desire!