Weekly horoscope about Pisces


The week starts in a mood bull run: you’re more inspired than usual toward your future! Not only that, the new Venus in Virgo on Monday, 5/9, puts not only your roadmap of personal projects but also in the area of relationships in a hard-fork state: you need to reflect on how certain relationships are progressing to understand if that’s what you really want too! More in HODLer in market observation in the middle part: you have been preparing yourself for more than a year in building something that will allow you to establish yourself in all areas of life, taking full responsibility for it! Mood rises to-the-moon in the final part: the Full Moon in Pisces on Saturday, 10/9, asks you to bring out your “inner warrior” in your personal reflections, so that the choices you make now, have a connection to your personal evolution. Sunday in a pump of concreteness: you feel more practical than usual!