Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


Monday with a volatile mood: issues at work make you a little nervous…but don’t worry, all fixable! More in a bull run mood in the middle part: new inspirations arrive to give you visions of your brighter and more prosperous future. Mars, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn still enhance your desire to get concrete and tangible “value” from your projects, ideas and even your relationships. In fact, you are already in the phase of “sharing” your stance, even if you still do it quietly, the important thing is to become more “open-minded” than usual. The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio on Friday 2/2 gives you a lesson: “It is in solitude that each of us can find ourselves and know ourselves fully.” Weekend with to-the-moon mood: desire to affirm to the world who you have become, only then will you attract those who resonate with your vibes.