Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


To-the-moon mood early in the week: you feel as if you are affirmed in this new year, at least on a spiritual level. Highlighted are relationships that extol your very qualities, approving and feeling charmed by this blossoming of charisma on your part. More in pump of practicality in the middle part: you are in the phase of your roadmap where you sow the seeds of new projects, setting longs on assets that for you, are worthwhile. And indeed, the New Moon in Capricorn on Thursday 11/1 is an invitation to look inside you to feel what “capital gain” you want to achieve with these goals you are setting. In a bullish mood in the final part: wanting to get out, see friends and execute trading of more subtle ideas. Sunday the mood becomes volatile, although Mercury direct in Capricorn makes you quicker to assess the feasibility of realizing your dreams.