Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


Start the week in a bull run of moods: want to trade ideas with those around you. Who knows, Jupiter in Taurus is hindering you from finding new fortune, but on the contrary, until May it asks if what you have is in tune with who you are today. Mood volatility in the middle part: some feelings make you literally swing, to the point where you are trying to figure out if you feel you belong with certain people and projects. In relationships now, home & family matters take priority, making everything take a back seat. On a personal level, however, you are already working on your passions. Weekend with a bullish mood. Sunday 10/3 there will be the New Moon in Pisces and Mercury in Aries: on the one hand, you feel inwardly your personal satisfaction and on the other, your mental metaverse will be coloured by more analytical, careful, and logical thoughts, which will uncover enlightening solutions.