Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


To-the-moon mood at the beginning of the week: you are happy and enthusiastic about parties with family or friends! The following days see a pump of concetness: love and personal projects live a “performer” period and you realize how much you know how to express your talent in your elegant, mysterious and profound way. But the new Sun in Taurus on Wednesday 20/4 inaugurates your month as a “hard-fork” and you are in the middle of your roadmap, a time of comparisons, evaluations, and sometimes inner splits over your personal affirmation. Keep calm: the weekend is more bullish in mood and you feel like sharing your ideas with your friends. More volatility at the weekend: the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on Saturday 23/4 makes you generally more rebellious, especially in the family sphere, with which you could perhaps become too argumentative.