Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


Bullish mood at the beginning of the week even though Mercury Retrograde in Aries from Monday 1/4 creates slowdowns in your mental metaverse on how to organise your to-do list. Maybe you reflect too much on the small details and miss the macro situation, the general one to follow. We are in a phase of yours where you aim for well-being, where you take care of everything so that you can organise yourself as well as possible and also enjoy your free time as you wish. Volatile mood in the middle part: home & family matters call your attention and alter your routine. More in bull run mood in the final part: the new Venus in Aries on Friday 5/4 asks you to also take care of those you love, and all the relationships you have, so as to make them healthier. Sunday in the feel-good pump: feel like doing relaxing activities.