Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


Bullish in mood early in the week: you’re bolder in expressing yourself, whether it’s your reasons or your passion! You’re also in a bull run of mood in the middle part: you organize your chores to the max, in a methodical and detail-oriented way, especially if at stake are matters involving your home and family, practically your nest! You feel like a sort of problem-solver in the situation. The change of Venus into Pisces from Friday, 27/1, then, frees you up in the sphere of relationships, and you get back to getting your feelings out to those in charge, and to receiving excellent news in negotiations that had been on hold. Weekend with the mood in pump&dump: with the first quarter moon in Taurus there may be some misunderstandings with your partner or associate, nothing serious, but something that needs to be resolved, it’s only fair that it should also be addressed.