Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


The week starts in a bull run of moods: with the New Moon in Gemini on Monday 30/5 you meditate on the deep feelings of “transformation” that you feel inwardly. You want to change your skin, short what no longer belongs to you and make room for whatever you have in mind to achieve! In the middle part you continue in a mood pump: your personal initiatives invite you to think first and foremost of your personal well-being. In emotional relationships, on the other hand, you are of pure reflection on how to continue the roadmap for two… try not to have too much FUD and FOMO! Weekend with mood pump&dump: you think (and stress) about work matters, while Saturn Retrograde from Saturday 4/6 forces you to slow down when it comes to ‘home&family’ and reflect on the structure you are experiencing in the last period.