Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


Pump&dump of mood early in the week: ties and projects call for attention, destabilizing you a bit. Luckily, the new Mercury in Capricorn arrives from Tuesday 6/12 which fires your mind with creativity, with more colorful and curious ideas, all to share! Mood bullish in the midsection: the Full Moon in Gemini on Thursday 8/12 puts the new form you’re adopting into lightning as you pursue your doable goals, the ones that in the long run you hope will give you the capital gains you desire. Weekend in bull run mood: new Venus in Capricorn from Saturday 10/12 turns you into quite the chatterbox with your usual relationships both in love and at work, so it’s time to play around and have fun and who knows this more childlike way of doing things may attract those in the mood for levity!