Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


Monday with the mood in pump: there’s an air of newness that you feel like breathing heavily, but first there’s a need perhaps to tie up loose ends on situations that have been left unfinished. We are at the stage in your roadmap where there is a need to address “home&family” issues, such as a move or a new role in the family. In bullish mood in the middle part: Venus enters Capricorn from Tuesday 23/1 and sees you more open to new acquaintances or more involved with those you already have, the important thing is to execute trading of interesting ideas. Mood volatility with the Full Moon in Leo on Thursday, 25/1, which puts your personal “strong ambition” into lightning, just now that you’re getting into home situations. Bull run mood during the weekend: you feel lighter and more inspired, and who knows, you may meet some new, more unconventional people who enrich you with new, more original insights.