Weekly horoscope about Taurus


Mood volatility at the start of the week: on the one hand you may have an argument at work that makes you nervous, while on the other, Mercury in Taurus from Monday 11/4 puts your thoughts in a state of personal affirmation. And finally, after a lot of observing, you are now thinking about how to take a stand in situations that says “I am”! Bullish mood in the central part: emotional relationships experience their own period of progress, with good support from friends. Not only that, with Mars in Pisces from Friday 15/4 even your personal roadmap is now projected into the future, without so much FUD and FOMO. The Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 16/4 lights up your baggage of answers which you can now close and acknowledge, ready for departure. At Easter experience confrontations with your partner… live it with a smile!