Weekly horoscope about Taurus


HODLing and observing the market at the beginning of the week: a Ferragosto as per tradition, where you are following passively what has been organized, maybe with the family! After all, this is the period dedicated to them or to the house, in case you are relocating! In the central part, the mood flies to-the-moon and you become more of a protagonist: you state your intentions in a more practical and feasible way, aware that it will soon be time to realize them. Relationships follow their “verify” period: it’s up to you to make your reflections become constructive for relationships, instead of distancing yourself! Weekend in a pump of concreteness: the new Mars in Gemini from Saturday 20/8 speaks of “capital gains” in your roadmap of personal projects and from now on, everything you imagined you wanted to achieve finds its fertile ground to be sown: set the long and cultivate your dreams!