Weekly horoscope about Taurus


Pump&dump of mood at the beginning of the week: Jupiter returns in Aries from Tuesday 20/12 and you really become a HOLDer of luck, in the sense that from now on you only perceive its potential, without really living it yet. More bullish in the middle part: the change of Sun to Capricorn from Wednesday 21/12 inaugurates your month dedicated to exploration and how to expand your horizons. You are open-source on all levels: on your personal projects, on your way of thinking and also with your relationships… you are ready to open yourself up to new things and people, to listen to speeches that make you grow, and to move maybe even out of your comfort zone. Not only that, with the New Moon in Capricorn on Friday, 23/12, you can also explore on an inner level. Christmas Sunday with a more volatile mood: traditional festivities block your desire to move, try not to dive too much into food!