Weekly horoscope about Taurus


The week starts in a bullish mood: with hard work, you are getting the capital gains you wanted, although it is still early to feel fully satisfied. With the new Mars in Aries from Tuesday 24/5, the energy of personal initiatives and enterprises need to take a break. You continue to HODL and observe/study the market around you, and this is your business, before deciding how to proceed. In the middle, your mood also remains somewhat reflective and who knows, with your more rational mind you may find some illuminating answers to your questions. At the weekend, the mood flies to-the-moon: with the new Venus in Taurus on Saturday 28/5, it is time to let your heart blossom again and to let yourself go in those relationships you have been pondering until now. Also in work, you unblock negotiations that have been on hold, making agreements more feasible and concrete