Weekly horoscope about Taurus


The week gets off to a bullish start in mood: the Full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday 7/3 puts your courage and talent in lightning-mode, in this period of “vision projected to your future” that you are experiencing. But that’s not all, Saturn enters Pisces from Tuesday 7/3 and marks the three-year period when your responsibility roadmap will travel in the house of alternative thinking, innovation and progress. More uplifted and free, you open yourself to new solutions, experimenting with new mind-sets, and implementing new ways of living and working. A bullish mood in the middle part of the week: craving for wellness and better organizing your chores, while in love you continue to observe your surroundings, in HOLDer mode. Weekend in pump&dump: who knows some discussion makes you nervous or “weighed down,” but no big deal-it’s just a passing mood!