Weekly horoscope about Taurus


To-the-moon mood early in the week: you’re happy with your reality and your relationships. And indeed, the Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday 8/11 loads up this hard-fork moment you’re experiencing with “personal affirmation,” reminding you of where you came from to appreciate where you are and where you’re going. Even in love and work relationships, you’re more relaxed than usual, setting a nice long on a new way of seeing your partner and colleagues. In pump of concreteness in the middle part: put some “realism” into your desires, evaluating which of them are feasible to achieve. Uranus in Taurus has made you more unpredictable than ever, and who knows you might be putting down a new idea, a new project right now. Weekend in bull run mood: you’re in the mood to hang out, run a nice trading of ideas that are more curious and creative than usual!