Weekly horoscope about Taurus


Monday in a bull run mood: you feel lighter, inspired, and eager to look forward to your near future! Like a HODLer in market observation in the middle part: visualize how your most important relationship has changed, what shape it is taking now, and how you are reacting to this transformation/renewal. Mood to-the-moon in the final part: you feel you are affirming a direction of your own that you have been pondering for too long. Weekend with the mood in practicality pump, but watch out for astrological shifts: the new Sun in Aquarius on Saturday 20/1 inaugurates the “ambitions” stage of your roadmap, while the new Pluto in Aquarius on Sunday 21/1 inaugurates your next 20-year challenge: to take a stand, even a drastic one, at work, to evolve and move forward, all in an effort to build something authentic and not just comfortable.